African Medical Tourism Congress 2021

The German Medical Wellness Association has the honor to invite to the African Medical Tourism Congress 2021, see following information:

With all due respect, we are honored to bring to your kind attention that the Leader Expo Company will be holding the 2nd African Medical Tourism Congress Tunisia (AMTC TUNISIA), 25 to 27 November,2021 at Palace Gammarth Hotel – Tunis.

AMTC TUNISIA will be hosted under the auspices of the Ministry of health and the Ministry of Tourism in TUNISIA , under the theme: „Challenges of health tourism“. The emergence of Africa which is the target of all our various operators in the Medical sector in the world.

African Medical Tourism Congress – AMTC Tunisia 2021

To boost the AMTC TUNISIA first edition, More than 05 Health Ministries & 50 foreign delegations will be invited,such as Algeria, Mauritanie, Libye, Sudan, Morocco, Egypte, Senegal, Coted’Ivoire, Cammeroun, Tchad, Niger, Nigeria, Guinia, Congo, Bénin, Gabon, Mali, Ughanda, Iraq, Jordanie, Koweit, Oman, Inde, Turkey, Italy, ….

The scientific conference program will also be characterized by the diversity and significant presentations ranging from the current state of medical tourism to trends, challenges and the future of medical travel. It will also tackle the necessity of a joint national platform, accreditation, insurance, the future of health care and medical tourism promotion.

We wish to go further together in upgrading the medical tourism sector in Africa whose major issue is clear to you. To this effect, we would like to have your company participate in this important even by taking part in the exhibition or the event’s sponsorship program to help successfully host the AMTCTUNISIA and make the better for Health and Wellness.